Our Team

We are passionate about training and equipping a community of skilled and effective facilitators of the Paterson Processes. Our greatest joy is realized when these facilitators guide an individual or organization to discover and realize their mission and vision in life.


David Mitchell | President

David Mitchell grew up near Manchester, England and completed his Bachelors Degree at Oxford University.

From there, he spent time working at the Brookings Institution in Washington, D.C. and taught for a semester at Eton College in Windsor. He completed his Masters Degree in Management at Yale University, where he studied Competitive Strategy, Negotiations, and Corporate Finance.

After graduating from Yale, David moved out to Trinidad, CO and married his best friend, JoEllen. They are the proud parents of a one-year-old boy, Cooper. For the last few years, David has been the General Manager of a Utility Company, handling day to day operations and guiding long-term strategy.


Michael Murphy | Partner

Michael is a Strategic-Facilitator, Maximizer, and Solutionist. Helping others LAUNCH, GROW, and MAXIMIZE has always been his passion.

Michael cut his teeth in business as a young man working at the corporate office for the largest furniture retailer in the country. Over nearly a decade, he learned merchandising, marketing, finance, product distribution, manufacturing, legal and real estate. He says, “I felt like I earned my MBA working for this great company and being mentored by leadership that modeled strong Core Values and solid business principles.” His next business assignment gave him the opportunity to learn the art of running a family business (not his own) and produce record growth while building a high capacity team of employees in another competitive market. These two experiences served as the background for launching his own enterprise, Extra Mile Management, Inc. in 2000 - coming alongside CEO’s and owners to help them get into strategic alignment, build their leadership teams, and produce significant results. From marketing companies to product companies and restaurants, even including an Olympic Athlete, Michael has been using his expertise to live out his motto “Celebrating the Success of Others”.

In 2001, Michael was trained as a LifePlan facilitator. In 2007, he was trained by Tom Paterson as a StratOp facilitator. Starting in 2005, Michael and Pete Richardson began talking about Tom’s legacy. Pete and Tom brought back the training classes to equip a new generation in Tom’s two key processes, StratOp and LifePlan. In 2008, Murphy and Richardson formed the Paterson Center, LLC in Colorado and began building the business. Michael remembers, “It was purely sweat equity and what time we could afford to give it initially as Pete and I were running our own businesses while trying to launch training in Colorado.” In 2010, Doug Slaybaugh officially joined their ownership team.

Today, Michael serves as the President of the Paterson Center and is charged with building the business. His primary focus is serving the primary customer, our network of certified facilitators around the country. Creating a team, hosting training events, building the network value package, investing in strategic partnerships (both in the marketplace and church), marketing and global expansion are all part of Michael’s role.

A Colorado native, Michael has been married to Kristin for 18 years and they live with their 3 children, Grace, Anna and Colin in Castle Rock


Pete Richardson | Partner

Pete is the lead trainer and content developer for the Paterson Center. Tom Paterson facilitated his LifePlan in 1994 and trained him to facilitate LifePlans in 1995. He experienced the StratOp process as a client while a Vice President for Promise Keepers in 1995. He stayed in touch with Tom Paterson through the years. In 2005, Tom asked Pete to partner with him to restart his StratOp and LifePlan training classes. They did so in 2006.  In 2007, Pete became the lead trainer for the Paterson Center after Tom suffered two strokes.

From 1990-2000, Pete held various leadership roles in not-for-profit ministries, including Vice President of Communications and Creative Services at Promise Keepers. He was the fifth employee hired by Promise Keepers in 1991 and helped develop the event platform’s message, including theme selection, program development, speaker selection and program integration. He also led the publishing and video production teams and media and public relations entities for Promise Keepers through the 1990’s. In 2000, he worked with numerous book authors as a message development consultant and publishing plan writer for Yates & Yates, LLC, a law-firm and literary publishing agency representing numerous top-selling authors in the United States. 

In 2002, he ventured out on his own, forming Convergence Planning, a StratOp and LifePlan facilitation firm focused on helping individuals and leadership teams focus, plan and execute. He was the President of the Paterson Center for two years and now leads the Paterson legacy classes that train and equip facilitators in the Paterson Center StratOp and LifePlan Processes. 

As a Master Facilitator and Trainer, Pete has guided over 600 individuals through the two-day intensive LifePlan process. He has worked with over 50 for-profit and not-for-profit leadership teams.  He has facilitated all of the strategic session for OtterBox LLC in the Americas, EMEA, and APAC global regions helping them grow their strategy and plan at an average of 250% each year for the past four years. Other business clients include Danielson Designs, Tribinium Inc., Maximum Impact, Paste Magazine, American Lighting, Integware, and Triune Ltd. A sampling of his not-for-profit clients include Pepperdine University’s Graduate School of Psychology and Education, New York Leadership Center, Prison Fellowship, Promise Keepers, Catalyst, Willow Creek Association, National Center for Fathering, Compassion International, and Otter Cares. A sampling of his local church clients include Willow Creek Community Church, Church at the Springs, Highlands Fellowship, Destiny Metropolitan Worship Church, Covenant Church of Pittsburgh, Woodland Family Church, Oak Hills Church, and Paradise Valley Community Church. 

Pete earned a B.S. in Biology from Colorado College with honors, including Phi Beta Kappa honors. He earned a Masters of Divinity with honors from Denver Seminary.  He has been married to his best friend, Janet, since 1985 and lives in Lafayette, Colorado. They have two grown children, a daughter Jordan, and a son Pearce.


Doug Slaybaugh | Partner

Doug Slaybaugh is a strategist, planner, and facilitator of ideas, people, and organizations. Intuitive questions, strategic thinking, and process tools are what he brings in defining mission, message, and platform.

Doug has spent 25 years working with pastors and the local church, developing, organizing, facilitating, and implementing church leadership training and resources and has witnessed thousands attend conferences that he has produced. For 14 of those years, he served with Rick Warren as pastor, executive pastor, co-founder and President of Purpose Driven, a ministry of Saddleback Church. While there, Doug was involved with the development of Purpose Driven and the popular program, 40 Days of Purpose, based on the best selling book The Purpose Driven Life.

Critical to doing the above has been an ongoing role Doug has had within a local church, whether that be as an involved layman, elder, small group’s director, or pastor at Saddleback Church, where he served several roles during the building years of Saddleback & Purpose Driven: Pastor of Ministry, Pastor of Missions, and Executive pastor.

Doug’s earlier career included his work with the Charles E. Fuller Institute, alongside Peter Wagner and Carl George, developing “in-service” tools and training programs for pastors and church leaders. It is here in the early days of the church growth movement, Doug had the opportunity to work closely with such gifted church leaders and communicators as Rick Warren, Bill Hybels, and John Maxwell.

For the last six years, Doug has been applying his experience and strategic talents with high capacity ministry leaders and organizations. Training in the StratOp and LifePlan processes has enabled Doug in his passion to advance both enterprise and person to experience health, growth, and fruitfulness as they seek to live out their God given-mission.

Doug is a graduate of Huntington College with a degree in psychology, and Fuller Theological Seminary with a degree in theology. He has been married for 34 years to his wife Fay, and has three adult sons and one new daughter-in-law residing in Carlsbad, California.


Our History

The Paterson Center’s history really began with Thomas G. Paterson. For many years, Tom worked in the corporate planning arena inside companies like Douglas Aircraft, IBM, and RCA. In1970, Tom launched a new career as a consultant. Tom and his associate Ted Smith designed an innovative approach to planning that could accomplish clarity, alignment, and breakthrough in just two days.

Over the next twenty years, through Paterson and Company, Tom advanced his signature processes, The Paterson Strategic-Operating Planning Process and the LifePlan Process. Many people in America have been impacted by what Tom has designed, discovered or helped to facilitate. Peter Drucker once told Tom that he was the most effective consultant in the country.

Masters pass on their craft through identifying and investing in younger, passionate protégés committed to mastery. Tom has done this. In the early 1990’s, Doug Slaybaugh partnered with Tom to launch the first Paterson StratOp and LifePlan training courses in Southern California, designed with the intention of equipping gifted facilitators with Tom’s processes. These trainings waned and halted in the late 1990’s as Tom faced the loss of his wife Ginny. In 2006, Tom and Pete Richardson resuscitated the trainings, building the foundations for an annual calendar of training offerings. In 2008, Michael Murphy and Pete Richardson formed the Paterson Center, LLC and began to build scalable systems for training others in Tom’s processes. Doug Slaybaugh formally joined the leadership team in 2010. In 2011, Tom officially transferred over 36 years of intellectual property to the Paterson Center.

Today, the Paterson Center, based in Littleton, Colorado, focuses on training and equipping facilitators to lead others in self-discovery processes that result in clarity and breakthrough. What Tom has given to us, we now offer to others. Our vision is to equip and cultivate a community of facilitators, each using the Paterson Processes, to guide individuals and organizations toward clarity, breakthrough, alignment, optimal health and exponential results.

If you are interested in learning more, contact us today and we'll connect you with the right Facilitator to start the discussion.

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